Sex Crimes

With allegations of sex crimes, the public will assume you are guilty long before you have had your trial. If you have been accused of a crime of this kind, you need a lawyer who is aggressive, effective, and compassionate to your situation.

I know how to defend your rights. I became an attorney because I wanted to defend people against serious charges and to keep my clients from being trampled on by the state. I represent clients in a wide range of criminal offenses, including sex offenses. From my law firm office in Spokane, Washington, I am here to help you.

Types of Sex Crime Allegations

I can defend you from all types of sex crimes allegations, including:

  • Child rape
  • Rape
  • Child pornography
  • Statutory rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Computer sex crimes
  • Failure to register as a sex offender

Your Story — Your Defense

Because of the emotional nature of sexually oriented crimes, the public often does not take the time to hear your story, to find out the truth or your background — they just want you punished.

My approach as an attorney is that your story must come out. We build our case piece by piece to effectively represent you in negotiations with the prosecution and before a judge and jury.

Compassionate. Aggressive. Effective.

I know the importance of your story, and I do not judge people accused of sex crimes. My job is to understand your situation and to defend you. And when I defend you, I do so aggressively. You may feel that no one wants to hear your story, but I do and I am here to make sure your side of the story comes out. I have 10 years of trial experience, so I know how to be effective in defending you.

Either call my Spokane, Washington, office or send me an e-mail for a consultation.