In the years following a child custody arrangement and parenting plan, it is not uncommon that circumstances change. For example, the non-custodial parent may be having another child or may get a significant promotion at work. If and when such life-changing events occur, a modification of existing child custody and child or alimony support orders can be requested.

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Times and circumstances change. In my experience as a family law attorney, the needs of you and your children usually change along with them. For example, the custodial parent may be offered a job in a different state, making it necessary to relocate along with the child. An adolescent child may prefer to live with his or her father instead of his or her mother. Or, either parent may lose his or her income or get remarried and have another child. In some cases, the non-custodial parent may simply want to spend more time with his or her children.

Child custody and/or child support modifications may be necessary to reflect such a change in needs and make sure that your child’s best interests are always the first and foremost consideration. I will help you to prepare the necessary documentation and submit your request for a modification of the original court order.

I can also assist with seeking spousal support modifications.

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