Major Crimes & Felonies

If you are facing felony charges, the state prosecutor will bring the full power of the state against you. The state almost always assumes the worst, pushing for the harshest penalties possible. A felony conviction is much worse than a misdemeanor, because a felony tattoos you, leaving an indelible mark on your reputation for the rest of your life.

At my Spokane, Washington, law firm, I know the consequences of a felony conviction, and I have the legal experience to help you defend your record and get the most favorable charge and sentence possible. With 10 years experience as an attorney, handling criminal and other practice areas, I have the skill to defend you against serious felony charges.

Types of Felony Cases

I can defend you against all major felony charges, including:

  • First degree homicide
  • Second degree homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • Theft
  • Sex crimes of every sort
  • Simple assault
  • Drug charges, including violations of the Unified Controlled Substance Act

Your Story Is Important

The people working in the prosecutor’s office don’t care about your story. They don’t care if you never intended for events to happen the way they did; and they don’t care about the background story explaining why you were in the situation in the first place. The prosecution is trying to convict you with all the skill and training they have. They will seek the harshest charges and penalties possible, usually felony homicide or something similar. It is critical to have an experienced, criminal defense attorney by your side to defend you against the prosecution’s case.

One of my most important tasks as your attorney is to help you get your story out to the judge and jury in an effective way.

Your Felony Defense Attorney

My name is Gina Costello and I work hard to defend my clients, providing representation that is:

  • Compassionate: I know the importance of your story, and I can help you use your unique story to get the best deal possible in your felony case.
  • Effective: While some lawyers dive into every fight blindly, I know that sometimes it’s more effective to negotiate rather than fight. I do whatever is most effective for you.
  • Aggressive: When I know it’s time to fight, I do everything to defend you.

If you need defense from felony accusations, contact me today.