Divorce involves a lot of emotions. You want to know that your relationship meant something, and you want something to show for it. Perhaps the most common concern of people facing a divorce is the feeling of facing the road ahead alone. What will happen to the kids? How will the court distribute our assets? Will anyone help me look out for my interests and my children’s?

I will look out for your best interests. As a divorce attorney serving Spokane, Washington, for 10 years, I know how to defend you from being overpowered in the courtroom, in divorce and other legal areas. My law firm can help you.

Assistance With the No-Fault Divorce Process in Washington State

I tell my divorce clients, ‘it’s not your fault.’ The most important thing a lawyer can do is to defend you in the divorce process and make sure your children get the best deal possible.

Washington is a no-fault divorce state, meaning you don’t need to show any fault in the other party in order to get divorced. The benefit is that this turns a lot of the attention away from the reasons for the divorce to how the divorce will occur.

Custody, Parenting Plans and Modifications

The concern here is who is legally responsible for the children — when, under what circumstances, and who will have the right to make major, life-altering decisions on behalf of the minor children.

Child Support

Child support involves a calculation of what financial assistance will the primary caregiver require to adequately raise the children involved. This can include many factors such as marital property division, future earning potential of the parents and any special health needs of the children that may exist.

Experienced Divorce Negotiation and Litigation

With all the false accusations that occur in a divorce, it is critical to separate out the arguments that the ex-spouses have with each other, and the arguments that might really help the children. Successful negotiation and litigation are built on a foundation of fully understanding the unique circumstances of the case at hand and truly appreciating the interests of the clients.

With 10 years of experience in this area of law, I am here to help you. Either call my Spokane, Washington, office, or send me an e-mail to consult with a knowledgeable child custody and parenting plan attorney.