Custody & Parenting Plans

With regard to child custody, it is essential to remember the children — to make sure that their best interests are considered first and foremost.

With 10 years as a Spokane, Washington, child custody attorney handling family law matters and other areas of legal practice, I know how to pursue the best for your children in your child custody dispute. Either call my law firm office at 509-325-3227.

Factors in Building a Parenting Plan

When coming up with a parenting plan, the courts look at factors such as:

  • Availability
  • Historical caretaking functions
  • Stability

With a firm grasp of these factors and how the court uses them, I can aggressively seek solutions to parenting plan and custody issues. I will also advise you on how your parenting plan may affect the amount of child support paid by the parent who does not have custody.

Getting the Best for Your Children

The most important aspect of making sure your children get the best deal possible is separating out the issues that are more between the spouses, and those that really are about the children. Once we get weed out of those personal arguments between you and your ex-spouse, most divorcing couples really have good ideas about what’s best for the kids.

Many lawyers don’t know the difference between these types of arguments, but 10 years of experience has taught me how to get the children’s interests into the forefront in every divorce.

Looking Down the Road With the Help of a Washington Child Custody Modifications Lawyer

Because a divorce is so contentious, it is hard to see any further than the immediate situation. You are just trying to survive today; it might be impossible to consider what might happen 10 years down the road.

This is where I come in. I firmly believe that, as your lawyer, one of my most important jobs is to look into to the future on your behalf, seeing the possible consequences of the legal decisions you make today. This will help you make the best decisions possible in your divorce and child custody dispute, so you can leave the legal work to me and start getting on with your life.

And when times change down the road, and the needs of you and your children change with them, you might need relocation or child custody modification orders. I can help you here as well.

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